Secondary School

The Riverina Anglican College Secondary School is a vibrant community offering a wide range of opportunities for our students to become life-long learners and grow in line with the IB Learner Profile. Since opening in 1999, our student population has seen significant growth, both in number and diversity.

Throughout their time at the College, our students are supported through a wide range of challenges designed to develop critical thinking skills; a capacity to communicate effectively; an understanding and awareness of self; and how to effectively manage their emotions. The deep connections our students develop between each other and staff reflect the care and compassion that is at the core of our community.

The Secondary School Campus is intentionally designed to nurture a strong sense of belonging, with many wide-open spaces offering opportunities for diverse learning experiences and social interactions to occur.
Our curricula and co-curricular offerings also provide a range of opportunities for our students to challenge self-perceptions of their strengths, and to grow in their character. Throughout 7-12, the IB Approaches to Learning (ATL’s) provides a framework through which all teaching and learning occurs at the College.

From years 7-10, students experience the Approaches to Learning through the lens of the Australian Curriculum. In years 11 and 12, students are able to select from three different pathways; the International Baccalaureate program; the Higher School Certificate; or non-ATAR options. These options are all supported by, and integrated with, the Approaches to Learning.

Our students are nurtured throughout their time in the Secondary School, ensuring they leave the College as reflective life-long learners with a strong sense of self and an understanding of their own diverse skillset.