Dr Ian Grant Library

The library is an integral part of the busy life at the College and welcomes all students and staff. Our purpose is to support the academic needs of all, as well as to foster a love of reading. There are spaces in the library for quiet reading and study, as well as areas for group work, and socialising. The library provides a range of board games and STEM activities for junior students during lunchtime, as well as activities for special interest groups. We are also the place to come for help with printing and basic technology queries.

From picture books to novels and full-text research databases, our Library provides an extensive range of print and electronic resources. Our digital collection is available 24/7 from any device, anywhere. Click here to access the Homepage for all links.

The library encourages staff and students to analyse information efficiently and effectively so that they may become independent lifelong learners.  We also offer support to students conducting research, and advice on acknowledging sources in an ethical manner to ensure academic honesty.

Library hours

The library is open for staff and student use from 8.30am until 4.30pm on school days. Each Wednesday afternoon students are invited to attend Homework Help.

Homework Helps assist in bridging the gap between learning at school and learning at home and helps establish habits of study and self-discipline while developing skills such as research and time management. Achieving a balance between school and homework, music and sports practice, as well as recreational activities and free time, is essential for the wellbeing and whole-person development of our students.

Every Wednesday from 3:30pm - 4:30pm during the term, the Library is open to secondary students for 'Homework Help'.  Teachers from different faculties assist students with their study, homework or preparing for exams.  From time to time, Homework Help may need to be cancelled, this announcement is made on the notices via Compass and on our Facebook page.

Senior student access

Senior students attend the library for all timetabled study periods.  During the academic day library staff advocate a scholarly focus. All senior students are encouraged to join the Riverina Regional Library to access full-text research databases for research purposes and to access advice on academic honesty

Please email the library with any queries, issues or to book a tutorial on any of the above, to Vanessa Mikelans vanessa.mikelans@trac.nsw.edu.au (Head of Library Services).