For Parents - School Attendance

Daily Routine

The College's day commences at 9.00 am and concludes at 3.10 pm. The daily programme is divided into 6 fifty minute lessons with a twenty minute recess at 10.50 am and a forty minute lunch break commencing at 12.50 pm. College sport is set down for Friday afternoons and appropriate sports wear should be worn to school. No student should be at the College before 8.15 am or after 4.15 pm unless involved in an activity with a staff member.

Absences and Punctuality

All students are required to attend every day that the College is open. Parents are requested to notify the College in writing, using the form on the Skoolbag App or by email to if the student is to be absent on a particular day, giving the student’s full name and reason for the absence. In the case of illness or unexpected absences, a note or email must be sent to the College on the day the student returns explaining the reason for the absence. At the latest, notes must be received by the College office within two weeks of the absence. This note is a legal requirement of the Board of Studies and will be kept in the student’s file. A note proforma may be found at the back of the student diary.

Where the absence is to be extended, for example two weeks or longer travelling, an application is to be made to the Principal.

Click here for Application for extended leave (two weeks or more) for students to travel during Term.

The College roll is marked in Homeroom or Year group meeting at 9.00 am. If students arrive late they are required to report to the College office before going to class, where a late pass will be issued and the time noted. A note from a parent or guardian is required explaining the reason for the late arrival. Persistent lateness disrupts College life and will be further investigated.

An SMS is sent daily to parents of students who are absent where no notification has been received. Only parents of students who have been marked absent at roll call or who have not signed in late will receive a SMS. Parents’ replies to this message giving the reason for the absence will be stored on the students file.

Leaving the College During the Day

If your child has an appointment to attend during the school day it would be appreciated if you could provide them with a note stating what time they will be leaving the College and whether or not they will return. The student should bring this note to the College office when they sign out. Alternatively, parents are able to sign their children out at the College office if they need to leave the College during the course of the day and have not brought a note.
College Sport is held every Friday afternoon and is compulsory for all students. For those who are taken to venues outside the College for sport, a note from a parent must be given to the supervising teacher if the student is to be dismissed from the venue and not return to the College. If a parent/guardian collects a student from sport they are required to personally inform the teacher.

Where there are custody and access orders from the Family Court parents/guardians should provide copies to the Principal.