2015 sm kayak

Year 10 EOS

The Year 10 EOS excursion in Week 1 Term 4 involves 4 days of paddling and assessing the health of the Murray River. Students and staff are enjoying this opportunity and the great weather. This exploration will enable participants to further develop important and valuable skills in leadership, teamwork, camp catering, minimal impact camping, environmental awareness, safe water rescue […]

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In October some staff and students will be only drinking water. We’re going without soft drink, coffee and other luxuries to be reminded that drinking clean water would be a luxury for millions worldwide. Our water-only diet urges us to be thankful for our clean water and to raise awareness and funds for those in […]

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Year 12 Final Assembly

Year 12 students had their final Assembly at the College today where Awards were presented and farewell speeches were made. Congratulations to all the students and we wish you well in the upcoming exams and your life after school.  

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Internet Access

As students, staff and parents are aware, we have been having difficulties with Internet access and speed at TRAC. Using the internet is now integral to life and learning, so this is a major issue for the school.  If you would like to support the school in our plight to get the NBN network to our school, […]

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Year 11 Food Technology

Year 11 Food Technology are currently studying Nutrition. They have been asked to research a stage of life, look at their nutritional requirement and create a meal to suit the needs of the age group. The meal cooked was required to be presented and styled in a fashionable manner.   

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CWWHS Open Girls Hockey

The CWWHS Open Girls Hockey round robin kicked off Monday 31 August, with TRAC taking on Kildare. The TRAC team has a mixture of youth and experience. At half time the girls were up 4-0, so we had a quick goalie change to allow our goalie to have a run on the field. The girls managed to […]

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